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Primary Level  

Scoil Chros tSeáin - Boys National School

Upper Road, Crosshaven. Tel 021/483 1681
Principal: Mr. Aodán Fathaigh
eMail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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SCOIL CHROS tSEÁIN - In the early 1800’s, there were two “hedge schools” in the Crosshaven area. One was taught by Thomas O’Hara and the other by John Harrington.

The National Education Act of 1831 led to the founding of the first national school in the area in Myrtleville. Myrtleville National School was located in a one roomed slated building in the chapel yard. By the 1860’s this school room was not large enough for the numbers attending. It was a mixed school until the Presentation nuns arrived in Crosshaven in 1876 when it became a boys’ school. In 1879 the disused chapel nearby was altered for use as a school and this building then became Myrtleville NS.

By the turn of the century it became obvious that conditions needed improvement. As most of the local population now lived in and around Crosshaven village, the manager sought a suitable site in a more central location. The site of the old Crosshaven railway station, purchased by Cork County Council after the closure of the railway in 1932 became available.

Eventually a new two roomed school building was erected on the site and Crosshaven BNS opened its doors to local pupils on April 1st 1943. Pupils ranged in age from 4-14 years and there were 56 pupils on the roll. Mr James Murphy (Principal) taught 30 boys from 4th-7th classes and 26 younger pupils were taught by Miss Mary Holland. The school remained a two teacher school until 1952 when the Principals son Diarmuid O’Murchadha  joined the staff.............

A whole-school evaluation of Scoil Chrois tSeáin, Roll number: 17363H, was undertaken by the Department of Education and Science in May 2006.  Their Report is HERE.

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Primary Level

Scoil Bhríde - Girls National School

Upper Road, Crosshaven. Tel 021/483 1646
Principal: Mr. Seamus O'Connor
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SCOIL BHRÍDE - On the 28th of November 1876, The Presentation Sisters rented three houses in Westbourne Terrace, near the Coastguard Station, setting up a temporary convent and primary school. In just one year 64 girls became the first pupils enrolled and placed into our school rolla. Quickly the school grew to 230 local girls, with a makeshift shed built to house the growing school numbers.

In 1891 a new National School was built and served us well until 1975 when we moved to our present site. The first sod was turned on the Scoil Bhríde site in August 1973 with our school officially opened in March 1975.  Here the Presentation Sisters continued to teach in our school with lay staff until the last Sister retired in June 2006. The rich tradition the Sisters fostered continues in our school right up to today............

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Primary Level

Templebreedy National School

Church Road, Crosshaven.  Tel 021/483 1329
Principal: Dorothy Verplancke

Templebreedy National School was founded and built on the same campus as Holy Trinity Church in 1881. It has offered first class education and formation to young people in the parish and beyond for several generations now.  Currently, Templebreedy National School is a three teacher co-educational school which enjoys a ‘family’ feel and sees itself very much at the heart of the parish. Sharing the same campus brings with it a daily reminder of the close relationship between our school and parish and is a reminder to us all of how Jesus put children ‘centre stage’. The school strives to be a centre of shared learning and formation where staff and pupils alike continue on a path of lifelong learning and engagement.  The school has three full time members of staff -Dorothy Verplancke (Principal), Doris Bryan (Deputy Principal) and Trina Jennings- assisted by many part-time and visiting staff bring a wealth of personal and professional experience which our young people are privileged to enjoy..........

If you would like to visit the school or to enquire about enrolment for your child(ren) please contact the school directly at 021/483 1329

A whole-school evaluation of Templebreedy N.S. Uimhir rolla:12169J, was undertaken by the Department of Education and Science in February 2008.  Their Report is HERE.

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Secondary Level

Coláiste Muire - Réalt na Mara

Upper Road, Crosshaven. Tel 021/483 1604
Principal: Dónal O'Brien
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Click on the following image to go to the Coláiste Muire web site:

Coláiste Muire (Realt na Mara) - Our Lady Star of the Sea was opened in 1947. When the school opened there were approximately one hundred students attending, taught by seven Presentation sisters and one lay person. Today there are three hundred and fifty students in the school, and thirty teachers. Coláiste Muire was an all girls school until 1969, when 18 boys started here. Prior to this, boys of the locality had to travel to Cork city to receive a second level education. In 1975 a new primary school for girls was built nearby. This is called Scoil Bhríde and many of the students there go on to do their second level education in Coláiste Muire.

At Coláiste Muire, Réalt na Mara, we aim to provide an educational service which meets the needs of the local community in a changing environment. We believe that education involves the development of the whole person. Our educational service is directed towards the intellectual, emotional, moral, spiritual, aesthetic, physical and vocational development of students in a Christian content. This is achieved through the many educational programmes we have on offer.

Inspection Reports on Coláiste Muire, Roll number: 62200H, are available from the website of the Department of Education and Science as follows:
Subject - Inspection of Music REPORT - Date of inspection: 22 March 2007
Subject Inspection of History REPORT. Date of inspection: 14 May 2009
Subject - Inspection of Social, Personal & Health Education REPORT (PDF). Date of inspection: 9 March 2010
Subject Inspection of Geography REPORT (PDF). Date of inspection: 15 October 2010

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All Department of Education and Science School Inspection Reports for Crosshaven are available HERE

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